“The creative process and creation of my boots was special and alot of fun. Maida’s created a wonderful pair of boots that fit great. Every little detail has a special meaning to me because I designed them. My boots were a loving gift that will be with me until the day I die and are admired by all my friends on the Directions and Assitance committee at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It was a pleasant surprize to see a picture of them on Maida’s recent mailer!”
– Cynthia W.

“Having a pair of custom boots crafted by Maida’s is a great experience. I never found quite what I was looking for in a mass manufactured boot. Working with the artists at Maida’s, my expectations were exceeded. From a perfect fit to the custom features that I picked out, the result was a pair of boots that really gets noticed. I’ll never buy another off the shelf pair of boots. My custom last sits on the shelf at Maida’s and makes having additional pairs crafted even simpler than the first pair. The Maida’s crew is finishing my second pair and it was great to watch the progress along the way. We are even doing a matching wallet and belt out of the same skins we picked out for the boots. I highly recommend visiting with the crew at Maida’s if you have ever thought about treating yourself to a pair of customs. They will treat you like family.”

– Robert S.

“Maida’s makes the finest bespoken boot, period! Their attention to craftsmanship, artistry and individualism is unparalleled. Boots from Maida’s are not a purchase, they are a relationship.”
– Beau B.

“Everyone at Maida’s Boots were fantastic to work with and took the time to explain the boot making process. Getting a pair of custom boots is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and I would highly recommend it. They fit like a glove and are fun to show off (my boots are the ones with the swordfish in the catalog). I would highly recommend talking to Maida’s Boots if you’re even thinking of getting of getting a pair of custom boots.”
– Mike M.

“The crew at Maida’s were a great pleasure for me to work with. I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in custom boots or any other type of custom leather goods!”
– David B.


The Custom Difference

At Maida’s, no two pair are alike.
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