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Maida’s in it’s sixth generation continues to innovate and receives a U.S Patent!

We reinvented an age old product that hasn’t changed for centuries. The tree. Why, well for years we noticed a trend in our clients custom footwear, that before trees were used the fit was perfect, but after they started using trees the footwear became sloppy, especially in the heel. It only takes 1/6″ (that’s the thickness of three pennies) to make a boot or shoe a half a size longer. A half a shoe size longer creates serious fit issues. So, we stopped selling trees.

Recently we discovered that conventional trees used for the last 100 years, are loaded with one or two strong springs, with the purpose of pushing the toe of the footwear downwards to remove wrinkles in the ball joint area, but actually they push the heel counter outwards and cause elongation. Toe box materials have no give or stretch, so the toe cant move forward by the force of the tree. Whereas, the heel counter becomes soft and malleable(especially when it becomes warm and moist at the end of the days wear) and when a conventional tree is used, extraordinary force is exerted on the heel counter which moves it outwards towards the point of least resistance. Thus causing elongation and fit issues.

But the need for a device to pull the wrinkles out of the fore part of footwear without causing fit issues was there. It is said of entrepreneurship to “find a need and fill it” , so we did. We designed and patented a revolutionary tree that will not cause elongation or fit issues. Period. Our trees are made in Houston, Texas and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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