Mobile Luxury

Bringing Custom To You

Looking for a new and luxurious experience for guests at your next event? Maida’s has the answer.

Maida’s Mobile Showroom gives your guest a personal indulgence into the design and fitting aspect of custom footwear. The atmosphere inside the mobile showroom surrounds them with the warmth and luxury of exotic leathers. The red and black alligator leathers on the floor, ceiling and seating in combination with the oak cabinetry  sets the mood for the experience. There are over 100 samples of leather boots, shoes and accessories for your guests to feel and touch.  Our mobile showroom is equipped with the necessities for us to design and measure on the spot, with the exact service they would experience at our retail showroom.

Maida’s Stagecoach is a great addition to the mobile showroom experience. It is a beautiful piece of art that was a collaboration of Maida’s leather crafters and our friends in Amish country. They did all the wood work (of course) and Maida’s did the paint, gold leafing, and the leather interior and exterior work. The interior and seating is red and black full quill ostrich and alligator adorned with colorful inlay work. It is equipped with A/C and heat, cocktail bar, glass holders and music.  The rear has a “Sunbrite” video monitor for advertising our products or your event (watch the last half of the above video to see the stagecoach in action). Our stagecoach can be used either horse drawn or free standing.

Maida’s Shine Stand is extremely beneficial when events are more than 50% women. It gives the men a place to sit and relax for a few minutes while their partners are enchanted elsewhere. Our shine stand is set up differently than conventional shine stands in that we remove the footwear from the client, hand them an electronic tablet to browse our product line, while we professionally refurbish their footwear (off their feet) using our proprietary conditioners and professional equipment. The same equipment that is used to make our new footwear look so beautiful.

For Bookings call 713-315-7595 and ask for Camilla.

The Custom Difference

At Maida’s, no two pair are alike.
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