We’ve changed the way you buy footwear.

Dressing your part is up to you and you alone. In the world of fashion especially the mass produced boot and shoe industry, designers and buyers choose style, design, color and sizing….for you. Wait a minute, what about you. I thought you have a choice. At Maida’s you do. We bring this unique luxury exclusively to you and your imagination and then we build it exactly the way you want it. That’s why no two pair are alike. Our attitude is that you should be personally involved in the aesthetic choices on your footwear, and let our professional fitters provide the proper fit. The outcome of this personalized collaboration is the exact look, color and fit that suits you.

Bottom Line is…do you want the fashion world to choose what you wear or do YOU!


Designed by You....for You!

With Attitude

The Custom Difference

At Maida’s, no two pair are alike.
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